Thermographic analysis allows to know temperatures and temperature gradient ; this is particulary useful in many fields like :

  • high precision agriculture, environment monitorig and firefighting;

  • Detection of thermal dissipation for industrial facilitis and residential buildings;

  • Research of people during rescue operation (at sea, inaccessible zones ecc.)

 Thermographic inspections are crucial to detect losses on pipes of industrial plant, to asses solar panels' proper functioning or energy certification of buildings. Our drones are particulary suitable to operate near source of electromagnetic interference like power lines  and wind turbines.

Inspection and monitoring on solar farms

Our society is specialized in thermal inspections and periodical monitoring on solar farms, taking care both of data collection on the field and data elaboration and analysis.

We developed solutions for operating on every type of panel and we are able to offer to the client always a high quality product. We can reach these results thanks to our innovative instrumentation and softwares specially designed by our lab for this kind of service.

The service we offer can be limited to the data collection, photos and videos, for later use by the client of by third parties; otherwise our work may include the complete analysis of the plant with identification of hotspots, damaged cells and non-working strings.

The product given to the client includes the complete thermal report, accompanied by the high fidelity 2D reconstruction (orthomosaic) of the plant both with RGB colours and infrared (see pictures below).  

dettaglio Laronga 2.jpg

The high accuracy of georeferencing with centimetric precision of our orthomosaics gives the client the possibility to identify the plants criticisms faster even on wide farms (see the video below).